Partnership for Internet Equity and Community Engagement
A joint project of the East Palo Alto Community Network and the Symbolic Systems Program at Stanford University



PIECE Projects

Community Outreach/Impact Assessment (Mar. 2003 - Jun. 2005; Rolando Zeledon, Benjamin Sywulka, Roma Jhaveri, Renata Danielle Sanchez, Brandi Thompson and Todd Davies).  This project involves interventions in the design and publicity for, with the aim of expanding organizational and individual participation in the community network, as well as research on the community network's impacts. 

Internet Tutorials
  (Mar. - June 2003; Christina Mills, Rolando Zeledon, Benjamin Sywulka, Roma Jhaveri, Todd Davies, and student volunteers).  This project involves the recruiting of Stanford students to design and teach a two-hour Internet tutorial for beginning users at one of the Technology Access Points (TAPs) in East Palo Alto.  Tutorials begin May 20, 2003 and wil l be held at all of the TAPs.  

Language  Communities  (Jan. 2002 - Mar. 2003; Benjamin Sywulka, Randy Saffold, Roma Jhaveri, and Todd Davies).  This project involved doing interviews and surveys of community members to determine the needs, challenges, and opportunities for the East Palo Alto Community Network among different language and ethnic populations in greater East Palo Alto.  A key finding was that usage of computers and the Internet among East Palo Alto residents is highly correlated with knowing English.  Other results of the project are summarized in the documents below.

Online Dialogue (Jan. - Aug. 2002; Todd Davies, Randy Saffold, Gautam Raghavan, Kim Karen Chen).  This project involved participant observations of the process of community decision making, both on and off of the Internet in East Palo Alto, as well as interviews with key stakeholders in the East Palo Alto Digital Village and One East Palo Alto initiatives.   An important conclusion was that more widespread opportunity for online interactions outside of face-to-face meetings by those involved in community decision making could help lessen the distrust and concentrations of power that sometimes undermine community planning in East Palo Alto.  The project is summarized in the paper below.

Deme: a Platform for Online Deliberation
(Apr. 2003 - present; Todd Davies, Brendan O'Connor, Alex Angiolillo Cochran, Jonathan J. Effrat, Andrew Parker, Benjamin Newman, Aaron Tam, Leo Perry, Mike D. Mintz, Joseph Marrama, Jimmy Tobin, Noam Ben-Avi, Chris Beachy, Erik Brockbank).  This project involves the design, building, and testing of an online meeting space where community groups can hold asynchronous meetings, deliberate and make decisions.  For more information, see the Deme History Links page.

User Research (Jan. 2004 - present; Jonathan J. Effrat, Brandi Thompson, Rolando Zeledon, and Todd Davies).  This project involves data collection and user testing to improve the interfaces for the community website EPA.Net and the Platform for Online Deliberation.